Measuring the biggest wave
Photo/Damien Poullenot

Measuring the big wave

Xổ số chiều nayWhen the World Surf League needed to determine the winner of its Women’s XXL Biggest Wave Award, there was only one person to ask: USC Viterbi’s .

Self-driving car

Teaching your car to drive

USC researchers have developed a method that could allow robots to , like setting a table or driving a car, from observing a small number of demonstrations.

COVID’s financial impact

COVID’s financial impact

Xổ số chiều nayThe COVID-19 pandemic could result in net over two years, a USC study finds. The worst case: The U.S. GDP loss will more than quadruple China’s.

Air pollution and women’s dementia

The pollution-dementia link

Xổ số chiều nay who live amid high levels of air pollution may have more Alzheimer’s-like brain shrinkage than those in places with cleaner air, a USC study finds.

Tips for a safer Thanksgiving

Tips for a safer Thanksgiving

Xổ số chiều nayIt’s going to be a holiday like never before. Follow our expert advice on how to celebrate safely and of coronavirus exposure.